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Organic Super Berry Powder 150g


Our Organic Super Berry Powder is backed by the Soil Association and Vegan Society and contains 8 awesome Super Foods designed to give you a superior nutritional experience. Mix this powder with a fruit smoothie or oats to give yourself a delicious, nutritious breakfast! FREE UK DELIVERY when you spend over £20.00

Product Description

  • SUPER BERRY POWDER –  Our Organic Super Berry Powder contains 100 percent Natural, Vegan Superfood powders.  It's a combination of 8 high quality, heavily researched super foods to give you a superior nutrition experience; Start your day with natures best ultimate antioxidant supplement. High in Fatty Acids Omegas 3 and 7 oils. Palmitoleic acid found in the Sea Buckthorn reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, suppressing fat production

  • GREAT SMOOTHIE BOOSTER – Give yourself a great natural boost. Our Super Berry Powder is proven an effective pure plant based weight loss tea, colon, liver and kidney cleanse and immune detox powder.

  • TRUST VEGAN SOCIETY AND SOIL ASSOCIATION CERTIFICATION – Our Super Berry Powder only ingredients are: Flaxseed, Aronia, Blackcurrant, GojiBerry, SeaBuckthorn, Cranberries, Blue berries and Acai powder. Pair this with our Organic Super Greens Powder to create the ultimate range of nutritious powders.

  • TIME SAVING – No Time to Eat Healthily? Think again; Shake, Blend or Brew concentrate ground super food powder for your nutritional convenience, an easy, healthy decision; The perfect supplements for busy men and women.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our Organic Super Berry Powder is backed by the Soil Association and Vegan Society; We know our products are great quality but if you don’t agree, we offer a manufacturer 30 day hassle free money back guarantee

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